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Tom’s Pest Control is one of the leading affordable pest control and cleaning companies in Perth. We are committed to giving our customers solutions that last and use the latest technology; our forward-thinking and high service standards reason why we have made a name for ourselves in our industry. 

How much does pest control cost? the approximate cost can be anywhere between $300 to $700. We have become the preferred choice for people in Perth looking for professional pest control and cleaning services. We have made countless residential and commercial property owners happy with our home pest control treatment, and we can do the same for you.

What Makes Our Pest Treatment Experience Unique?
Having been in this industry for many years, Tom’s Pest Control understands what our customers require to keep their home pest-free. Not only do we deliver the first-class they should expect, we offer our exceptional services at competitive prices.


Same Day Pest Control Perth

Are you searching for the best pest control in Perth that is both effective and reasonably priced? Have you been looking for an experienced and trustworthy company that provides a same day pest control treatment and great value for money?
You can always count on getting the advance pest control Perth with Tom’s Pest Control. Our company has provided pest control treatment all across Perth that has helped countless individuals and businesses. Whether your property has become infested or if you need assistance with any type of pest control requirement, our experienced and affordable pest control Perth specialists can help.

How We Help You Get Rid of Pests Naturally?

  • Beginning with the inspection process, we identify the pests using the modern tools and then document the various types of pests present in your property.
  • After inspection, we will create a tailored pest control treatment plan that suits your pest control requirements and budget.
  • Depending on the treatment plan, our specialist starts the professional pest control process at your residential or commercial property as per your instruction in the most efficient manner.
  •  Along with the organic pest control treatment, we also suggest your prevention measures and tips to consider for limiting the number of pests in future.

Explore Professional Pest Control Services Perth

As the best pest control company in Perth, we offer a comprehensive range of residential and commercial pest control services, including:

Safety of Your Home and Businesses with Organic Pest Control in Perth

Have you observed the pieces of paper bits all around the home or office floor? Or are any of the wooden parts in your office have holes? If yes, then be alert the emission of bugs and terminates has begun. Presence of pests in your residential or commercial Perth property causes damage to your health. Therefore, for the safety of your home and businesses, it is vital to hire organic pest control services in Perth. At Tom’s Pest Control, we provide the family-friendly pest control services near Perth.

Our Natural Pest Control Service in Perth is Totally Safe

All our pest eradication products are organically made up of natural active ingredients. Generally, essential plant and citrus oils are used in eco-friendly pest control agents. These ingredients are considered to be safe for both humans and animals. That’s the reason many people in Perth trust us for offering safe yet effective pest control treatment.

We ensure to eliminate and trap many types of pests like ants, bed bugs, ant, cockroach, flea, fly, mosquito, moth, rodent, silverfish, hanging-spider, termites, and much more. Our effective services of natural pest control treatment in Perth are designed while keeping in mind the safety of your family and also against pests. Also, we guarantee you to use pet friendly pest control products with no risky fumes or smells.

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Do you have any questions about our company, our pest control same day service Perth, WA, or anything related to pest control and pest control supplies in Perth and around? Call us today or use our form to contact our pest control and cleaning staff.

We will provide you with the answers you need, an upfront quote, and high-quality services.

    Our Effective Pest Control Management

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we have gained a great reputation in the industry by providing comprehensive pest control services in Perth. Our four-stage pest control service helps you to ensure a quality living based on your expectation of the best pest control treatment possible.

    Pest Control Inspection

    We will complete a comprehensive pest inspection in Perth throughout your property, identify and document the types of pests, the species, the level of infestation in each area, the damage to the property, and more. With our modern tools and techniques, we can identify even the slightest level of pest infestation at your property and help you with implementing control measures. All of our inspection reports come with full findings, recommendations, and photographs so you can know the next course of action required.


    Pest Control Treatment Plan

    Based on our pest inspection and findings in Perth, we will create a tailored pest treatment plan to make your space totally free of pests. The plan will include the treatment procedures, the timeline of the treatment, the expected outcome, and any specific instructions to the inhabitants of the property.

    We will also advise on long-term prevention strategies to safeguard your property from future pest infestation.

    The Extermination Procedure

    Based on the treatment plan, our extermination specialists will carry out the pest treatment at your Perth property in the most efficient and productive manner. We often use a mix of treatment services based on the level of infestation, the pest species, and the possibilities of future infestation.

    Although we can offer both chemical and non-chemical treatments, our services will often include sprays, dusts, gels, baits, and traps.
    Although all of our products have been approved to be safe around pets and small children, when possible we prefer non-chemical pest control options as we are very much focused on the health of our customers and their family. As a professional pest control service provider near you, we use only Australian approved products and treatments at all times.


    Prevention Measures And Tips

    The treatment alone may not give you permanent results against pest infestation. As an affordable pest control firm, we will provide you with specific tips to control future infestation.

    However, some general tips such as regular vacuuming of your rooms, proper yard maintenance, ventilation of rooms, blocking of access points, and tight packing of food products can limit the number of pests at your property.

    How Getting Our Perth Side Pest Control Service is Worth?

    • Hiring Perth side pest control services at Tom’s Pest Control will ensure that you get free time to do more of the other important things in your home or office.
    • The elimination of creepy-crawlies is performed by our well-trained experts. They know what to look for while inspecting your infected property and how to prevent the recurrence of pests.
    • We allow you to budget for your investment in eco friendly pest control services around Perth and assure that you will save both time and money with us.

    Are You Having Pest Problem in Perth?

    Keep the pests at bay this season. Whether you are frustrated with bed bugs, ants, mites, mosquito, spiders or fleas, professionals at Perth’s Pest Control help you eradicate every type of pests from both residential and commercial properties. If you want to book an appointment for the nontoxic pest control in Perth, then contact us at (08) 6202 7096.


    When you search for pest control near me, the first thing that might come in your mind is how much does it cost. The price of organic pest control depends upon the size of property and type of pests. However, the approximate cost can be anywhere between $300 to $700. The perth pest control prices can be less or more depending on your location too. All in all, with us, you will get effective pest control management at an affordable price.

    After pest control spray treatment, we advise you not to mob the surfaces frequently if possible, for. It is because of the chemicals inside the spray which is responsible for eliminating pests last about 6 to 8 weeks. However, you can do the vacuuming and sweeping to keep the property clean while protecting wall edges or skirting boards.
    Generally, pest control service is included in the rental lease as the landlord’s responsibility. That’s why before you sign a contract, you should always make sure that the landlord is providing you with the property in the excellent condition with no pests inside. Also, add this clause of pest control treatment in the agreement so that you don’t have to pay extra. And check that landlord does seasonal pest control usually four times a year.
    The total time taken for organic pest control is usually depended on your property size and type of pests. For example, if your property is infested with pests is small in size, then it might take around 30 minutes. Whereas, if your commercial building requires pest control, then the time might demand 1 to 2 hours more. Having years of experience, we ensure that every pest control service provided by us suits both your needs and tight budget.
    If you opt for an ant control treatment or you require bed bugs eradication, whatever service you choose at Tom’s Pest Control will last for around 3 to 5 months approximately. We guarantee that hiring our pest control service in Perth is worth your investment. You will not regret at all and get satisfactory results at a competitive price.

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    For an obligation-free quote or to discuss your pest control requirements in Perth, WA, call our friendly and experienced exterminators today on (08) 6202 7096. Covering all of Perth, our same day pest control services near you will solve your pest problems.