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Do you notice traces of wasp infestation around your Perth property such as live wasps or wasp nests? Are you searching for advanced wasp control in Perth to safeguard you and your family?

Wasps are a painful experience for many and a deadly experience for some. They are aggressive pest species, and the slightest disturbance can provoke them that result with deadly stings.

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control – the pioneer of comprehensive affordable pest control services in Perth, Australia.

We have trained, certified, and experienced wasp control technicians who can provide effective wasp control services in Perth WA. Whether you have commercial space or residential property, we have tools and technologies to provide completely safe wasp pest control Perth.

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    Wasp Species In Western Perth

    Studies say that Australia is home to more than 10,000 wasp species. However, most of them do not make their nests in human habitats or cause harm to humans. The following wasp species are found in the properties in Western Australia:

    • Yellow paper wasps
    • Common paper wasps
    • European wasps
    • Honeybee

    Regardless of the complexity of the wasp issues at your Perth property, Perth aasp extermination
    can remove them and address the factors that led to the infestation to create a pest-free environment around you.

    Why Should You Get Professional Wasp Pest Control In Perth?

    The risks and dangers of wasps are more than you often think. Learn the safety issues of wasp infestation, and why you should get immediate wasp nest removal as soon as you notice the traces of the pest in your Perth property:

    • Pest wasps can get disturbed easily and known for painful stings. Unlike bees, wasps can sting several times, and that makes these pests more dangerous.
    • Wasps are social pests – live in colonies – and they can attack a few hundred people at a time. Based on the number of bites and the wasp species, the stings can be fatal.
    • Wasp stings may create severe allergic symptoms that require immediate medical attention in some people.
    • Wasps can attack pets and neighbours and generally considered as a public nuisance.

    Therefore, you should get professional wasp extermination at your Perth property as soon as you see them around you.

    The Signs Of Wasp Infestation

    You can confirm the wasp infestation at your property with the following:

    • If you see flying insects with long wings and yellow, slender abdomen around you, you can conclude them as wasps.
    • Some wasp species use small pieces of wood for making their nests. Therefore, if you see any holes or damage on your wooden structures and furniture, you can inspect further for wasp nests.
    • You can notice wasp nests around your property if there is wasp infestation. The pest makes nests using wood particles or mud.
    • Wasps make buzzing sound while flying; the sound becomes more audible while they fly in groups. You can quickly identify them by the buzzing sound.

    If you see any of these signs of wasp infestation, feel free to contact Tom’s Pest Control for a quick wasps control services in Perth.

    Our Wasp Control Process

    We have a four-stage wasp pest control service that helps you minimise the future infestation risks while addressing the current wasp threats.

    Wasp Inspection In Perth

    Our expert wasp control technicians will come to your Perth property and complete a thorough inspection to locate wasp nests. We will confirm the wasp species, evaluate the extent of the infestation, the possible reasons that led to the infestation, and more.

    Our inspection report will give you comprehensive information about the wasp infestation, including wasp nest sites, our findings, the photographs of infestation, and our recommendations.

    Wasp Control Treatment Plan

    Based on the inspection findings, our pest technicians will create a tailored treatment plan to remove the wasp infestation from your property. The plan will have the details of the wasp treatment procedures, specific instructions to inhabitants of the property, timeline of the treatment, and the expected outcome.

    We will update you the wasp treatment plan before beginning the procedure and ensure that you are getting a fully transparent, professional wasp removal services in Perth.

    The Wasp Extermination

    Our wasp technicians will complete the pest extermination based on the treatment plan. We use modern tools and safety equipment to access the wasp infestation to remove them effectively.

    We generally use the nest drenching, perimeter spraying, nest dusting, wasp traps and baiting to contain the wasp infestation at the Perth properties. Regardless of the pest issue at your property, we use only approved, safe products and procedures per Australian standards for wasp extermination.

    Ongoing Wasp Prevention

    Properties with wasp infestation issues often have some favourable conditions for wasp nesting. The property inspection helps us to understand what brings wasps to your property, and we will provide you with specific techniques and strategies that can prevent future infestation risks.

    Regardless of your property condition, the following general tips can help you to limit the issues of wasp infestation:

    • Do not keep fruits outside as the sweet smell of fruits can attract wasps.
    • Properly dump the waste food in garbage containers with lids and clear them at regular intervals.
    • Seals cracks and holes on the walls of your property as they can give wasps access to the interior.
    • Regularly trim shrubs and trees and maintain the yard. Overgrown shrubs and non-maintenance of the yard can make your property convenient for wasp nesting.

    Why Choose Us For Wasps Control Services in Perth?

    Choosing Tom’s Pest Control for the wasp nest removal in Perth gives you a comprehensive service experience.

    The highlights of our service are the following:

    • Quick same/next day wasp treatment
    • Advanced wasp removal procedures
    • APCA- and TAFE-certified pest technicians
    • Safe, family-friendly treatment procedures
    • Upfront quotes, professional and transparent service experience
    • 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee

    If you notice that the wasp issues at your Perth property are not subsidised after our wasp treatment, you can contact us within two weeks. Our wasp nest removal Perth technicians will return to your property, complete retreatment for FREE based on your expectations, and ensure that your space is free of any wasp issues.


    How can you stop wasps from building mud nests inside your home?

    A wasp attack can result in severe allergic shock and pain. A homeowner might feel confident about their ability to get rid of wasp eggs. However, it is important to use the right materials and safety gear.

    Giant solitary honeybees are found near water sources where they can find us. The clay is used to build the cells filled with a paralysed bug, an egg, or a spider. The larva then eats the bug, becoming an adult. These mud chambers are found in protected areas, such as walls and ceilings.

    You can spray residual pesticides on nearby surfaces or mud nests using a label from wasps. However, the nest must be fully submerged to ensure pesticides reach the larvae in the mud cells. Tom’s Pest Control Perth guarantees wasp removal.

    How much does wasp extermination cost?

    For $120, you can remove a basic nest of wasps. However, if the wasps become aggressive or difficult to control, fees can go up to $300.

    It might surprise you to learn how difficult it can be to get rid of wasps. These parasites can be a nightmare if you’re willing to take on the task yourself. They can see even the smallest movement with their extraordinary vision.

    These behaviours could indicate that bugs or insects might be present and ready to strike. In addition, they can spot predators such as birds because of their keen eyesight. To eat wasp larvae, birds will often dive into nests.

    What ways to eliminate wasps and feral honeybees from your home?

    Colonies can live underground or inside your home. You can kill wasps with sprays, bait, or even by removing their nest. Sprays, bait or even kicking the nest with a bat can all be used to kill wasps.

    Contact an expert if the nest is located underground or inside your home. It is best not to attempt to remove the nest yourself. You risk injury to yourself and others if you try to remove the nest by yourself.

    You must take extra precautions to protect your face and eyes from gaining quicker access to the nest. When wasps are quieter, you can approach the nest at night and early in the morning.

    Which wasp species are most likely to nest inside homes?

    During summer, a single nest could house thousands of wasps. As they multiply, wasps become more hostile. It is much easier to eliminate a nest early. However, many species of wasps can nest in your home. You can find them here.

    • Paper wasps
    • Yellowjackets
    • Bald-faced Hornets
    • Mud daubers

    Keep the nest at a safe distance if you locate it. Do not disturb it. It is dangerous to attempt to remove the nest on your own. Professionals are best. We can help remove wasp colonies from your property.

    Although I can find nests of wasps everywhere, they are not in my area. What can I do to help them?

    The majority of wasp nests can be described as papery. Each species has its own nest. Knowing which species of wasps are present in each area is important to keep wasps away.

    • The canopy is made of grey papery wasps with exposed honeycomb-like cell structures. These are where they will be found: under deck railings or awnings and on windowsills.
    • Yellow jackets build nests in small cavities that are often tanned. They can be found in cavities in walls, attics, sandy lawns, and attics.
    • European hornets have an oval, smooth, and papery nest. It has one large aperture and a pointed bottom. It can hold up to 1000 wasps. The nest can hold up to 1,000 wasps. They are bigger than their cousins and have pale yellow abdomens.

    The professionals at Tom’s Pest Control Perth are more qualified if they can be seen above.

    What type of pest control can a parasitic wasp offer?

    Farmers relied on natural predators in their native habitats for millennia to combat pests that decimated crops. This was long before chemical pesticides were developed. This method is now in revival.

    Major parasitic wasps must lay eggs on other insects to complete their life cycle. Parasitic wasps can help with both native and invading species. Many wasps are small and unremarkable in size.

    Fly Eliminators are parasitic wasps found in small, gnat-sized quantities and used to biologically eradicate flies from farms, homes, and livestock areas. These wasps are often found in gardens and fields, especially those that produce nectar or pollen that attract parasitic wasps.

    How do you distinguish between Wasps and Bees?

    Because of their similar shapes, wasps and honeybees can be confused. However, bees have a lighter brown/yellow colour. Also, bees have yellow/black stripes, contrary to wasps’ abdomens. Honeybees can have thousands of workers because they are social insects.

    If you are unsure whether there is a nest of wasps in your home, examine the brickwork carefully to determine if they are entering or exiting one hole. While wasps can inspect several holes at once, mortar bees can inspect them all.

    Honeybees are gentle. They can be stingy and can even die in large numbers. Unfortunately, they can be aggressive as well. They can sting frequently and easily. It can also be found in the late summer but does not swarm.

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