Expert Silverfish Pest Control In Perth

Do you notice irregular holes in your books, papers, and documents or damage to your fabric? Do you see nibbles on your glue, paste, wallpaper, and more?

These are the possible signs of silverfish infestation at your property, and it is high time to get advanced silverfish removal service.

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control – the trusted name for silverfish control in Perth.

Our certified and highly experienced silverfish pest control technicians will make a detailed inspection, complete tailored pest control, and help you with techniques to prevent future infestation.

Silverfish Infestation And Associated Issues

Silverfish do not bite or destroy your home and may appear to be harmless. In reality, the creepy creature can bring several undesired effects to your world. You may experience the following range of issues with the pest:

  • The pest prefers damp conditions and active in darker environments. They feed books, wallpapers, leather clothing, painting, and more.
  • They can contaminate your food by running over it.
  • The pest is generally regarded as a nuisance and an indication of non-maintenance of the property. The creature can also give you clues about the misses in the hygienic standards of the property.
  • Silverfish infestation can bring other pests – mostly the predators of the pest – inside your property. You can expect centipedes, cockroaches, spiders, and other pests interior.
  • Studies confirm that silverfish infestation can develop allergy and asthma symptoms in some people.

Signs Of Silverfish Infestation

Since silverfish prefers to live in darker environments and active mostly at night, you may not be able to see them visually to confirm the infestation. You can confirm silverfish infestation at your property with the following signs:

  • Silverfish moults throughout its life. Therefore, you can find their cast skin on the floor and damp areas of your property.
  • If you see irregularly shaped holes in your clothes and other fabrics, you can doubt the presence of the pest. They also eat glue and wallpapers and leave the nibble marks.
  • Silverfish also leaves yellowish stains on clothes. Check your clothes regularly, and if you see yellowish stains on your clothes, you can confirm the presence of the pest.
  • You can visually see these pests in bathrooms, basement, attic, crawlspace, and other hidden and dark areas of your property if there is an infestation.

After confirming the silverfish infestation at your property, contact Tom’s Pest Control immediately for a comprehensive treatment. You will get an obligation-free quote from us to ensure a transparent service experience.

A Four-Step Silverfish Control

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have a standardised, step-by-step process for silverfish control regardless of you have a residential or commercial property. Our four-step silverfish control does not only address your current issues but the future infestation risks as well.


We have a team of certified silverfish control technicians. They will visit your property and make a thorough inspection. The inspection will help us to identify the silverfish species, the extent of the infestation, the damage to your personal belongings as well as property, and the hiding places of the pest.

The inspection will also help us to identify the factors of your property that led to the silverfish infestation. Our pest inspectors will give a detailed report with findings, photographs of pest infestation and damage, and recommendations.

Treatment Plan

Based on the findings of the inspection, we will create a tailored silverfish treatment plan for your property. It will include the treatment procedure, special instructions to inhabitants during the procedure, timeline of the treatment, and the expected outcome.

In some cases, you may need to get a follow-up treatment to ensure the complete removal of the pests from your property. And the treatment plan will also have the details of the follow-up treatment.

The Pest Extermination

Our pest technicians will complete the silverfish control at your property as per the treatment plan. Based on the extent of pest issues at your property, we may use a mix of multiple procedures to get the best results. Our common treatment procedures for silverfish include fogging, natural repellents, insecticides, aerosol sprays, and traps.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we use only safe and approved products per Australian standards. This way, we create a healthy environment around our customers through our pest control procedures.

Ongoing Prevention

The treatment may not give you long-term results without proper ongoing prevention. Our pest technicians will complete specific procedures, repairs, and advise you techniques to make your property free of silverfish in the long term.

The following general hygienic tips can help you minimise the pest issues at your property:

  • Always store your cereals, sugar, flour, sugar, and other food products in air-tight containers.
  • Check all the water sources at the property, including leaking plumbing, open fish tanks, and more. Dampness can encourage the pest to come in. You can ventilate your property and install a dehumidifier if you experience high humidity at your property.
  • Clear clutter on a regular basis to minimise the safe hiding places for silverfish.
  • Clean and sanitise your property, and remove the garbage and dispose of them properly on a regular basis.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

You will find our silverfish treatment in Perth a great choice for your pest control needs with the following service standards:
  • Same/next day silverfish treatment services
  • APCA- and TAFE-certified technicians
  • Advanced pest control solutions
  • Safe, family-friendly treatment procedures
  • Upfront quotes, friendly and transparent service experience
  • 100 per cent satisfaction guaranteed

Do you see that the pest issues at your property are not subsidised after our treatment? We welcome you to contact us within two weeks of the treatment, our pest technicians will return to your property, complete the treatment again for FREE, and ensure that your property is free of silverfish.

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