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Trust Our Experts for Effective Removal of Roof Rats in Perth

Are you dealing with an unwanted roof rat invasion in Perth? It’s best to seek the help of professionals skilled in trapping and removing these pests. Roof rats, also recognised as black or ship rats, are a type of rat species that commonly inhabit areas near human homes. Despite being smaller than Norway rats, they can cause just as many problems.

Roof rats tend to make their nests in high areas of buildings, like attics and roofs in urban areas. They tend to chew through materials and ruin stored food, which can result in significant damage and stress for homeowners. Thus, relying on a proficient rodent control company in Perth is vital.

How Can One Identify Roof Rats?

To spot roof rats, observe their slim bodies, pointed snouts, and distinctively large ears and eyes. They have soft, smooth fur, often brown with black spots, and their bellies can range from white to grey or black. Measuring around 15.24-20.32 cm long, with tails reaching 25.4 cm, they are hard to miss if not dealt with promptly.

Roof rats reproduce quickly, becoming sexually mature in 2-5 months.

They have litters of 6-20 babies after a gestation period of 20-24 days, and newborns rely on their mothers for about 17-23 days before they can care for themselves.

With an average lifespan of one year, roof rats can breed year-round. However, birth rates increase in spring and fall due to food availability and weather.

Roof rats adapt quickly and eat anything, including fruits, nuts, cereals, meats, tree bark, and seeds. They are also skilled hoarders, stashing away meals for later. These climbers are most active at night and typically reside in high places like trees, rafters, attics, and rooftops.

However, they can quickly adapt to different surroundings, like garages, structures, wall voids, woodpiles, and garbage areas. So, if you are dealing with a roof rat problem, don’t hesitate to call experts for rodent control.

Uncover Roof Rat Outbreak

If you suspect roof rats have infested your property, look for clear signs. One immediate indicator is spotting a live or dead rat inside your house – not a pleasant surprise.

Another tell-tale sign is coming across scattered droppings in various corners of your home. These droppings are typically half an inch long, pointed at the ends, soft, and moist when fresh, but hard and dry with time.

Other red flags include gnawing marks, damaged food packaging, nests, or greasy rub marks. If you notice these signs, take immediate action to avoid a full-blown infestation.

Roof Rat Control At Tom's Pest Control Perth - A Trusted Partner

At Tom’s Pest Control Perth, we help eliminate roof rats from your property with our reliable and affordable services. Our experienced pest controllers will inspect to pinpoint the infestation source and implement effective techniques for long-lasting results. Trust us to be your dependable partner in pest control.

We prioritise the safety of your home or business by utilising advanced technology and safe pest control products to eliminate rodents. Our team is committed to promptly addressing your concerns and resolving the issue with no delays. In addition, our services provide you with rodent-free property, giving you peace of mind knowing that your family and property are protected.

To Remove Rat Infestation, Call Us Right Away

Attention all homeowners. Don’t let roof rats take control of your property. Act now by calling our expert pest control team to schedule an inspection. Our tailored solutions are designed to fit your needs and keep your home pest-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Roof Rats Aggressive?

Roof rats are not known to be aggressive towards humans, but they may bite if threatened or cornered. Therefore, avoiding direct contact with these rodents and seeking professional help if you suspect an infestation is essential.

Is It Common to Have Rats on the Roof?

Roof rats are skilled climbers, often living in trees, attics, and roofs. So, it is quite common to have rats on the roof, especially in urban areas.

Does Banging on Walls Scare Rats?

Banging on walls may startle rats and cause them to scatter, but it’s not an effective long-term solution for pest control. Rats are intelligent and adaptable creatures that can quickly get used to loud noises and other deterrents. Therefore, seeking professional help to eradicate rats from your property is best.