Cockroach Control Services

Cockroaches are insects that belong to the order Blattodea. They are known for their ability to adapt to various environments.

There are several reasons why it is essential to remove cockroaches from your home through pest control:

  • Health hazards: Cockroaches can carry disease-causing bacteria and trigger allergies and asthma in some people.
  • Food contamination: Cockroaches can contaminate food and food preparation surfaces, leading to food poisoning.
  • Unpleasant odour: Cockroaches produce a strong, unpleasant odour that can be difficult to remove.
  • Reproduction: Cockroaches can reproduce quickly, leading to a large infestation in a short amount of time.
  • Psychological impact: Cockroaches can be a source of stress and anxiety for many people and removing them can improve quality of life.

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have the knowledge and expertise to remove cockroaches from your property. We promise to adopt the best treatment method for removing them from your premises without causing any harm to you or your loved ones.

Pest Cockroach Species

Several species of cockroaches are considered pests:


German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches are small, brown cockroaches commonly found in homes, apartments, and other indoor environments. They are known for their rapid reproduction and survival in various settings. German cockroaches are attracted to warm, moist environments and are often found in kitchens and bathrooms. They feed on different foods, including crumbs, grease, and soap, and can carry disease-causing bacteria.


Australian Cockroaches

Australian Cockroaches are large, reddish-brown cockroaches commonly found in warm, moist environments. They are similar in appearance to the American Cockroach but with a bright yellow stripe along the wings. Australian Cockroaches are often found in outdoor environments but can infest homes and buildings. They feed on various foods, including plants, decaying organic matter, and other insects. Moreover, they carry disease-causing bacteria and trigger allergies and asthma in some people.


American Cockroaches

American Cockroaches are large, reddish-brown cockroaches commonly found in warm, moist environments such as basements, sewers, and roofs. They are known for their ability to move quickly and their high level of adaptability. American Cockroaches feed on various foods, including organic matter, plants, and human food.


Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Smoky and brownish, these cockroaches are found in warm regions. They can fly, which they use to find food and a mate. Though these cockroaches are categorised as an outdoor species, they may still enter homes and create a nuisance.


Oriental Cockroaches

This species is medium in size and shiny black or dark red brown. Found in cool and moist conditions, these cockroaches settle on damp subfloors and drainage systems. Oriental cockroaches can survive in difficult situations as they eat almost anything.


Brown Banded Cockroaches

Brown banded Cockroaches are a species of cockroach that is approximately 11-14 mm long and have distinctive light brown bands across their dark brown bodies. They are often found in homes, apartments, and other indoor spaces and are known to infest furniture, electronics, and appliances. They feed on various food sources, including starchy items, sugar, and other organic materials. Unlike some other cockroach species, they do not need moisture to survive and can be found in dry areas such as on top of ceilings and behind picture frames.

Why Choose Us?

At Tom’s Pest Control, our team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to identify the type of pest and determine the best action for eradication. We use safe and effective methods to eliminate pests and minimise harm to humans, pets, and the environment. Moreover, we use the right equipment and resources to effectively eradicate pests from your property.

We have tried and tested methods for eliminating pests and can develop a customised treatment plan to solve your specific pest problems. No matter what species of cockroaches have invaded your property, we can design and implement an appropriate plan that is likely to get you the best results possible.

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