Moth Pest Control Treatment In Perth

Do you see irregular holes in your clothes, discoloured or visually damaged carpet, or torn curtains at your property? Your Perth property may be under moth infestation.

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control – the name for professional, expert moth control in Perth.

We are a team of certified moth control specialists in Perth with the latest technology and tools and years of expertise. We offer comprehensive moth control services in Perth that will make your property free of moth, not only from the current pest issues but for future infestation risks as well.

Why Should You Get Moth Treatment On-Time?

Australia is home to more than 22,000 moth species, and a vast majority of them do not harm humans or properties. The major pest moth species found in Perth and surroundings include clothes moths, white moth removal, pantry moths, carpet moths, and brown house moths.

If white moth infest your Perth property, you will experience the following types of damage:

  • The shedding of moth’s waste, the associated marks, and dark spots can damage your books and clothes.
  • Carpet moths lay their eggs on your carpets and result in the carpet damage; the eggs of moth feed the fibres of the carpet.
  • Pantry moths usually lay their eggs on your food products, including stored grains, leading to the contamination of the food. Consumption of moth-contaminated food can cause intestinal discomfort.
  • Both clothes moths and their larvae damage your wool, silk, fur, and clothes made from different materials. The larvae of clothes moths are tiny, making it often difficult to identify the pest damage during the initial stage.
  • Brown house moth damages carpet, clothing, and wool upholstery. Their caterpillars eat cereals, nuts, biscuits, furs, potatoes, flours, and more, making the moth species more destructive than common clothes moths.
  • The moth hairs developed during the larval stage can trigger asthma symptoms in people.
  • Some white moth species make creepy noise at night, disturbing your sleep.

Especially if your Perth property has some historic, rare, or costly furnishings and fabrics, timely carpet white moth removal treatment or brown house month control is more than important.

Signs Of Moth Infestation At Your Property

During the initial stages of the moth infestation, the damage may not be immediately visible. If you see any of the following signs of infestation at your property, contact us immediately for a detailed moth pest inspection and treatment in Perth:
  • Silky furrows, trenches, or tunnels on your clothes and fabrics
  • Irregular small holes in carpets, clothes, curtains, tapestries, or other fabrics
  • Larvae casings – appear as tiny tubes – on your clothes
  • Discolouration or damage to books and papers
  • Moth eggs found inside food packets
  • Crusty deposits on rugs, clothing, or drapes
  • Small holes on food packages
At Tom’s Pest Control, we assess the extent of moth damage at your property and create a tailored moth treatment plan to make your Perth property pest-free.

The Moth Treatment Procedure Perth

We provide moth pest treatment solutions that give long-lasting results to our customers. Regardless of whether you have a residential or commercial property in Perth, we have the expertise to provide you with a complete moth control experience.

We have a four-stage moth pest control procedure in Perth:

Moth Treatment Inspection

Our certified moth control Perth specialists will come to your property, examine for the infestation, identify the moth species, assess the damage, and search for other pest evidence. We will also identify both the external and internal factors at your property that led to moth infestation.

This will help us provide the right moth removal and treatment in Perth that makes your property pest-free.

Moth Removal Treatment Plan

Based on the inspection findings, our pest technicians will create a tailored moth control plan. It will include the treatment procedure, the total moth control cost in Perth, the timeline – including the duration – of the treatment, and the expected outcome.

In some cases, we may want to complete a follow-up treatment to make your property completely free of pests. We will update you on the right moth pest treatment plan before beginning the procedure and ensure that you are getting a fully transparent service experience.

Moth Extermination Perth

Our Perth’s moth control technicians will complete the moth pest control based on the treatment plan. We generally use multiple treatment procedures based on the moth species and the extent of the infestation. This will often include fumigation and insecticides.

We use modern techniques and advanced tools to give a completely safe Perth treatment experience in Perth. Regardless of adult moth, larvae, or white moth removal, we use safe, approved moth control products and procedures to give you family-friendly moth pest control experience.

Ongoing Moth Control Prevention

Through our moth control procedure, we try to give permanent solutions to the moth issues at your property. We will give specific tips and techniques that can help you get long-term pest control results.

In general, you can minimise the moth issues at your property with the following practices:

  • Vacuum and clean your property thoroughly at regular intervals – this includes carpets and mouldings.
  • Wash clothes and other fabrics at your property immediately after use and properly store them in air-tight spaces.
  • Regularly inspect your clothes, personal products, and different areas of your property for any possible moth issues.
  • Ensure proper ventilation at your property to minimise the humidity. If required, install a dehumidifier to address the humidity issues.

Why Us For Moth Removal In Perth?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we are focused on giving the next-level moth treatment service experience and use the latest technologies and systems. The highlights of our service include the following:
  • Same/next day moth control
  • APCA- and TAFE-certified moth control technicians
  • Upfront quotes for transparent service experience
  • Completely safe treatment solutions
  • State-of-the-art procedures
  • Total satisfaction guarantee
Do you see the pest issues at your property not subsidised after our moth treatment Perth? Contact us within two weeks of the moth treatment; our technicians will return to your property and perform the extermination again for FREE to ensure that it is completely free of pest issues.

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