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Are you sick of cleaning up feathers and droppings from birds around your Perth residence or place of business? If so, it’s time to get expert bird pest control services involved. With a staff of qualified and knowledgeable bird prevention specialists, Tom’s Pest Control is a reliable and respectable bird removal business in Perth.

Tom’s Pest Control is a reputable and trusted bird removal company in Perth with a team of certified and experienced bird prevention specialists. We understand that some birds can trouble you, and so we use effective techniques to help you with our bird removal services in Perth.

Tom’s Pest Control in Perth also offers solar panel bird proofing. Solar panel pigeon proofing and solar panel bird proofing are effective ways to keep birds from roosting on solar panels and causing damage. Solar panels are vulnerable to birds because they offer a warm, dry place to perch.

In addition, the reflective surface of solar panels can attract birds. Birds that perch on solar panels have the potential to permanently harm the surface with their pecking. In severe circumstances, bird proofing solar panels might be required to stop birds from starting a fire. Tom’s Pest Control in Perth is an expert in solar panel bird proofing and can help protect your investment.

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    Why Bird Proofing Solar Panels is Important for Your Perth Home or Business

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we understand that solar panels are a valuable investment. They not only lower your carbon footprint but also aid in energy expense savings. But birds and other pests can also be drawn to solar panels. For this reason, we provide long-lasting, effective solar panel bird proofing.

    For people who want to use less fossil fuel, solar panels are a popular option. However, they may also be at risk of harm by bird droppings. Bird droppings’ acidic composition can erode metal surfaces, and their high nitrogen content can result in pitting and etching. Furthermore, bird droppings might reduce the efficiency of the solar panel by obstructing sunlight from reaching it. It is crucial to act to bird proof your solar panels as a result.

    Installing physical barriers, like wire mesh or bird netting, is one approach to achieve this. Additionally, you can employ visual deterrents such bird decoys or flashy things. You may prevent damage to your solar panels and maintain their maximum effectiveness by following these steps.

    Together, you and our team of knowledgeable bird control solution specialists will create a unique plan to keep birds and other pests off your solar panels. Your solar panels are well safeguarded since we only employ the newest and most efficient methods and supplies.

    Contact us today to learn more about our solar panel bird proofing services.

    Common Pest Birds Seen In Perth

    You may have sometimes experienced the tedious and futile task of bird prevention in your surroundings. Some of the common species of birds found in Australia are:

    • Doves
    • Pigeons
    • Seagulls
    • Starlings
    • Indian myna
    • House sparrows
    We have years of experience providing bird control services for all pest bird species. You can speak to our bird control service specialist to know more about the procedure involved in bird removal from the house and office in the Perth area.

    Our Different Bird Removal Methods

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we use techniques explicitly designed to keep birds away from your property without harming them.

    Stainless Steel Spikes: These spikes can be installed on ledges, lights, and pipes and are harmless deterrents that keep birds from roosting and landing on specific areas. The best thing about bird spikes is that they are discreet, so your building’s façade will stay untouched.

    Bird Netting or Meshing: Prepared from Polyethylene string and secured with steel installation hardware, this bird netting is perfect for your balconies, windows, gardens, HVAC units, etc. This provides long-term protection from birds that cause severe problems to your property. Bird netting is a safe and humane barrier that helps to exclude all pest bird species from your building.

    Shock Tracks: Low-profile electrified tracks are nearly invisible deterrents that prevent ledges, signs, and roof areas from birds. Shock Track is glued to the surface, and electrical connectors allow current to pass from one track to the next. This effective technique discourages the birds from landing and roosting in these areas.

    Bird Chase Super Sonic: It is a device ideal for discouraging birds from substantial outdoor areas. This device broadcasts distress and predator calls for almost 22 different bird species. This bird chase device emits sounds and prevents them from landing there. This solar-powered device can be easily placed wherever birds flock, such as in orchards and trees.

    Repellent Spray: This spray works on the bird’s nervous systems without causing them any harm. It is used to frighten birds away from your building structure. It can be sprayed on bird’s feathers or their nests, perches or areas where they like to sit and lay their eggs. Birds when eating the material, it will secrete distress signals and force them to leave the area due to the perceived “threat.”

    This like this we have numerous solar panel bird proofing and special solar panel pigeon proofing methods for every situation.

    Solar Panel Bird Proofing

    Get The Best Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing Services In Perth

    Regarding solar panel pigeon proofing and pigeon pest control in Perth, Tom’s Pest Control is your go-to provider. We specialise in delivering tailored and the best pigeon pest control solutions to eliminate pigeon-related issues and protect your solar investment. Here’s why you can trust us:

    Comprehensive Pigeon Proofing Solutions: We offer a range of comprehensive pigeon proofing solutions specifically designed for your solar system. Our methods include: –

    • Wire Mesh Installation: We install solar panel bird proofing mesh barriers around the perimeter of your solar panels, preventing pigeons from nesting underneath. The mesh allows proper ventilation while effectively keeping the birds at bay.
    • Spikes and Deterrents: We strategically place spikes and deterrents on areas vulnerable to pigeon roosting, making it uncomfortable and discouraging for them to settle near your solar panels.

    Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: Over the years, we have prioritised customer satisfaction and aim to provide exceptional service throughout the pigeon proofing process. From the initial assessment to the installation and maintenance, we ensure open communication, transparent pigeon proofing costs, and a hassle-free experience for our clients.

    Solar Panel Bird Proofing

    How Do You Know A Pigeon Is Nesting and Causing Infestation?

    It’s essential to know the signs indicating a pigeon infestation on your property. By recognising these signs early on, you can address the problem promptly and call a professional bird removal company. Here are the key indicators of a pigeon infestation:

    • It may indicate pigeons nesting nearby if you notice frequent clogs or water overflow.
    • Despite regular cleaning, a persistent foul odour may indicate the presence of pigeons.
    • Nesting materials like feathers, twigs, dry grass, and dried mud around your property or roof.
    • Scattered garbage around your property may result from pigeons hunting through it.
    • Increase in pigeon droppings on roofs, verandas, eaves, or solar panels.

    With our professional expertise and comprehensive solutions, we can help you overcome the challenges posed by pigeons, ensuring your solar energy system operates optimally. Don’t let pigeons hinder your solar energy production—contact Tom’s Pest Control Perth today.

    How We Bird Proof Your Solar Panels?

    Bird infestation can damage solar panels, interfering with the electrical wiring while nesting or landing. Birds’ faeces are highly acidic which can cause rusting, spoiling the solar panel aluminium frames and stain the solar panel facade, leading to poorsolar panel efficiency. Thus, it is necessary to protect your solar panel.

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we use the best bird-proofing method for protecting your solar panels from pesky birds. We are also well equipped with solar panel bird proofing mesh, specifically designed for bird prevention for solar panels. Bird mesh is the best pigeon-proof technique for a solar panel that maintains the airflow in your panels and prevents it from heating up, which would diminish the amount of energy the panel collects daily.

    The highly durable bird-proof solar panel mesh effectively prevents birds’ access and keeps it safe from damage caused by birds. The solar panel mesh is also not likely to cause any damage to the birds. We also provide a fire protection compliant solar mesh screening installation using our aluminium mesh types with advanced fittings.

    Our trained technicians create customised solutions to deal with bird infestation. Every structure and bird species creates unique situations; thus, it must be evaluated first to craft the correct, most cost-effective bird proofing solution.

    Why Bird Control Service Is Necessary?

    Many types of pest birds can enter offices, hospitals, shopping centres, commercial venues, motels, and any other building. They often leave feathers and droppings that spread diseases and spoil the appearance of the space. It can put off your potential customers from entering your office.

    If the pest birds are not appropriately managed in time, they can become a bigger nuisance. They may cause damage to your property, create chaos in your surroundings, money loss, health issues and many other problems.

    • Birds build their nest outside and inside the property, creating chaos.
    • They carry pathogens, creating health risks for your family and customers.
    • Some species damage your property by building nests, blocking gutters, dislocating roof tiles and many other issues.
    • Many birds carry mites, fleas, ticks, and other biting insects that spread diseases.
    • Bird droppings cause health risks and make your premises look dirty, filthy, unhospitable, and unprofessional.
    • Some birds get hostile during their breeding season and attack employees, customers, and building residents.
    Solar Panel Bird and Pigeon Bird Proofing

    Our Systematic Approach To Bird Control In Perth

    We apply a set of procedures to provide long-lasting results. Our systematic four-step bird protection and control netting strategy provides complete bird eradication from your house and office.

    Bird Prevention Inspection Perth

    Our experienced bird exterminator will pay a visit to your Perth property site to conduct a bird inspection. Our bird’s nest removal service will help determine the type of bird causing you trouble, understand its characteristic features, find the damage it has caused to your building, and much more.

    Our bird proofing specialist will study the location of birds’ nests to discover the possible reasons that have attracted these birds to build their nests.

    Bird Control Treatment Plan In Perth

    After the completion of the inspection, we formulate a customised bird control treatment plan based on your budget and requirements. The plan covers the details of the bird removal procedure, the expected time to complete the task, necessary instructions for the inhabitants to follow, the possible outcome, and other relevant information.

    Our bird control specialists near you will remain in constant contact with you to regularly inform you about the updates on the bird control treatment. You can ask any question, any time regarding our service.

    Bird Removal Procedure

    Our bird control expert team uses the most advanced equipment to effectively complete the bird removal treatment process. We use a specific technique for different bird species because each type of bird responds differently to our techniques. Our techniques include bird spikes, bird traps, shock tracks, and a sound system to remove the bird from your nearby Perth locality.

    Ongoing Bird Prevention

    While bird prevention treatment can be effective, it may not yield long-lasting results on its own. To fully resolve the issue in the long term, it’s recommended to follow consistent measures for bird netting, protection, and prevention. Our technicians at Tom’s Pest Control are available to provide you with an array of prevention strategies to keep pest birds out of your environment. Some of the simple yet effective tips are:

    • Avoid feeding any birds daily
    • Remove any standing water
    • Trim your trees regularly to control birds from roosting
    • Regularly clean your property and cover trash cans
    • Clean the gutters

    Why Choose Bird Pest Control Perth For Bird Protection & Prevention?

    Tom’s Pest Control is renowned for making a massive difference in the quality of our customers’ lives by offering the best bird pest control service possible in the industry. Some of our features that make us a preferred choice when it comes to the most trusted bird pest control company in Perth area include:
    • Fast same day or next day service
    • Safe and effective pest control process
    • Certified and experienced exterminators
    • Systematic approach to the service
    • Upfront quotes, competitive prices
    • Hassle-free, transparent communication
    • Friendly service experience with 100% satisfaction
    • Outstanding result
    Toms pest control perth
    Are you tired of searching for ‘birds pest control near me’ or nest removal from roofs of a high-rise building in Perth? We have the equipment and know how to address your intricate bird pest removal requirements.

    Solar Panel Bird Proofing FAQs

    Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Birds?

    If you have pest bird issues at your property, hiring professional pest control is the best option for removing the bird from your environment seamlessly. A professional pest control service will also help you make your space secure from future infestation. At Tom’s Pest Control, we have a team of bird researchers to ensure stress-free, scientific bird removal from our customers’ properties. After identifying the bird species and the characteristics of the birds through an inspection, they create a tailored bird removal plan. All our pest bird removal plans are humane and in accordance with local and state guidelines.

    How Do I Get Rid Of Birds On My Roof?

    In a number of ways, you can repel the birds from your environment. You can use shiny objects like small mirrors and aluminium foil as deterrents to disturb the birds and force them to flee. You can also use decoys of the predator birds – such as owls and other large birds – to prompt the pest birds to flee from your space. You can also use bird spikes in areas where pest birds perch. The use of natural repellent sprays can be another great choice to help you with the situation. You can mix chilli pepper, vinegar, and water and use this spray in areas where you notice pest birds roost. If you notice that these options are not giving enough results due to the complexity of the infestation, feel free to contact us for professional bird control.

    How Do You Get Rid Of Birds Naturally?

    At Tom’s Pest Control, we have a step-by-step procedure to remove birds from our customers’ properties. Our pest technicians will visit your property, identify the bird species, and learn about the reasons for the infestation. Based on that, our team of bird researchers will create a tailored, scientific, and humane bird removal plan. Based on the plan, our technicians will trap the birds, remove them from your property, and release them at a distance far from your property – according to the government regulations. If your locality reports frequent pest issues, we may put bird spikes and nets to minimise future infestation risks and advise you on specific property and yard maintenance tips.

    Who Do You Call To Get A Bird Out Of Your House?

    You can always try some DIY procedures to remove if you notice a bird accidentally trapped in your property or infested your surroundings. However, if you see that the bird infestation is complex, we advise you to hire a professional bird removal specialist. This can also help you safeguard your property from future bird infestation risks as well. At Tom’s Pest Control, we offer quick same/next day bird removal service to restore the healthy environments of our customers. Regardless of you have a commercial property or residential environment, we identify all aspects of pest bird infestation and address them through comprehensive pest management plans.

    What Do You Do When A Bird Is Stuck In Your House?

    It is important that you don’t make the bird panic by holding or yelling at it. Keep children and pets away from where the bird is trapped. Switch off the lights and fans of the room and put out any flames. Open the windows and exterior doors to show the way for the bird and try to chase it from the opposite direction. If the bird can’t find its way, wash your hands, try to catch it carefully using a sheet or large cloth piece, and put it in a box. Take the box outdoor and release the bird to let it fly away. If you notice that the bird can’t fly, contact your local bird rehabilitation centre for guidance and assistance.

    What Is A Sign Of Infestation By Birds?

    You can confirm the pest birds through a number of signs. In most cases, you would visually see birds encroaching your spaces and compromise your environment’s health and hygiene. The following signs also help you confirm the presence of pest birds in your environments.

    • Bird droppings – in areas of your property where the birds roost
    • Debris of bird nests or nesting materials
    • Noises of the pest birds
    • Bird feathers in places where they roost
    • Roof shingles damage without any obvious reason – pigeons make their nests under roof shingles

    If you notice any of these signs of bird infestation, contact us immediately for quick bird removal.

    How Much Does It Cost For Bird Removal?

    In Perth, the cost of bird removal treatment and protection services vary between a couple of hundred dollars to couple of thousand dollars. We take a number of factors to calculate the cost of a bird removal service. The bird type, the number of birds present at your property, and your property type are the three factors we consider for calculating the cost of the service. If your property has bird infestation, we request you provide us with the details of it to get an upfront FREE quote for the bird removal. Tom’s Pest Control is committed to offering our services at competitive rates and give quotes only based on the specific pest issues to ensure a high-value service experience.

    What Can Birds Do For My Property?

    Birds are an integral part of ecology. They Unfortunately, they also cause damage to No matter how many birds you have, damage can multiply and result in more expensive repairs.

    Birds can build nests on your roof by settling on rain gutters and other drainage systems. Snow, rain, and even ice can build up on your roof if your drainage system is blocked. This can lead to serious problems.

    Roofs subjected to excessive stress can collapse but not before they crack and require expensive repairs. The acidity from bird droppings can cause problems with HVAC systems, roofing, vehicles, and other equipment. Droppings can cause damage to HVAC wiring and lead to malfunctioning or failing. In addition, droppings can cause leakages or holes on rooftops.

    How Can Solar Panels Be Pigeon-proofed?

    Solar panels are becoming more popular among homeowners to reduce their power bills. The downside to solar panels is that pigeons could build nests under them. This can lead to serious damage to your panels and wiring. Protect your solar panels from pigeons.

    Trust professionals who have years of experience in installing solar birds’ proofing. Pest control professionals in your area can also help you with your problems.

    We offer high-quality services at reasonable prices. Tom’s Pest Control Perth Service Guarantee will guarantee your solar panel pigeon-proofing. If the treatment fails, you can always get it repaired. It is not a good idea to wait for pests or pigeons to cause damage to your solar panels.

    What Are The Steps Involved In Bird Control Inspections?

    These are the steps you should take if you want birds to be controlled from your property.

    • It is your actions that will help identify bird species.
    • Understand that the “infestation level” often refers to the number of flock members or the total population.
    • Locate the area where birds have taken over. You may find multiple spots on your property.

    It is important to accurately assess the area before finding access equipment. Equipment can include ladders, cranes, lifts, and cranes, as well as scaffolding.

    • Be aware of any limitations that may cause your project’s halt or delay.
    • Participation in specific permits, such as renovations or public access to historic structures, could be possible.
    • After your site evaluation, you will receive a breakdown detailing your pricing estimate. This includes travel costs, the labour time and equipment rentals. It also includes material costs.

    What Is The Importance Of Solar Bird Control?

    Imagine pigeons causing damage to the solar panels outside and inner components. It could damage your investment in solar panels. High acidity levels in pigeon droppings can cause damage to solar panels and cause cables to deteriorate.

    It is essential to hire a solar-panel bird controller service. Tom’s Pest Control Perth’s highly skilled and experienced bird controllers have successfully used bird-proof solar panels. However, to prevent birds from landing on the panels and roosting, bird-proofing solar panels must be done consistently.

    Routine maintenance can also be offered to protect your panels from bird droppings or other debris. Tom’s Pest Control can also help if birds are damaging your solar panels.

    Is It Possible To Control The Mites Using Pest Control?

    Bird mites can cause itching for many nights. Therefore, it is best to keep them away. Before removing nesting birds from your property, check the local wildlife laws.

    Physical eradication is the best choice if you want to eradicate mites from your house. You can either vacuum them or soak them in water with your cloth. However, to permanently eliminate mites from your home, you must immediately empty the vacuum cleaner bag.

    Permethrin can be used as an effective and safe insecticide to fight mites. Permethrin can also be used in small areas to treat mites.

    How Do Birds Control Pests?

    Birds consume insects for food and to provide nourishment for their young. Birds also catch large quantities of insect larvae that are high in protein.

    It is impossible to live without insects (from human blood and grains) because they are so common in nature. Birds are essential for maintaining and decreasing insect populations in natural systems.

    Insectivorous birds eat insects such as grasshoppers and caterpillars. You can bring bluebirds to your property to help control pests.

    Is Bird Control Safe?

    While harsh pesticides effectively controlled insect infestations, they also had devastating effects on birds, causing them to die. However, with precise scientific technology, it is possible to make medicines that are effective against a specific insect and safe for all animals.

    This is essential when dealing with infestations. You want to eliminate the pest, but you don’t want harmful chemicals around your pets or children. Control Bug Spray is a natural, non-toxic treatment that can eliminate pests and not harm your bird.

    Natural insecticides can be beneficial for your bird, your pet and yourself. Invest today.

    How Can I Get Rid Of The Pigeons That Live Around My Solar Panels?

    Bird mesh can be used to protect your residential solar array from birds. To seal the area below the panels, bird mesh is placed around your array’s perimeter. It attaches directly to the panels.

    Although spikes are not as attractive to birds, they can be very effective in deterring them. Spikes effectively deter birds from perching too close to solar panels for long enough to create a nest or cause damage.

    Even though plastic birds of prey look old, they can still be useful. For example, a fake owl can convince birds to leave with a swinging head. They also make excellent pigeon protectors for solar panels.

    How Much Do Pigeon-proofing Solar Panels Cost In Perth?

    You can expect to spend between $200 and $1500 to get your property pigeon proofed. The cost of pigeon-proofing your property depends on the number of solar panels, the slope of your roof, and whether or not birds have been removed.

    Our bird-proofing crew arrives on the job and inspects your roof and solar panels in detail. Then, we will inspect your roof and examine the solar panels to give you a quote. The report will also include a cost estimate for pigeon-proofing solar panels.

    If you find pigeons underneath your solar panels, please call us at (08) 6202 7096. You can also request a call via our contact page.

    How Can I Stop Birds From Peeing On My Solar Panel?

    You will most often see sparrows or crows around your solar panels. However, you can still enjoy certain bird species if you know how to avoid predatory birds such as hawks and owls.

    Most hardware and home supply stores carry plastic owls or hawks. You can place the predator bird on your fence or a prominent branch from a neighbouring tree. Plastic owls and hawks are available at many hardware stores and home supplies shops. The fake predators are visible to birds, so they can be seen by them and will tell where they should go.

    You can use many sound devices to discourage birds from touching solar panel panels. One device emits a loud sound that is so loud that humans cannot hear, but it will scare birds away.

    How Can I Stop Birds From Nesting Under My Solar Panels?

    Bird spikes made from stainless steel are the best option for birds to prevent nest building. However, additional strategies and solutions to protect birds can also be effective.

    You can place a few mirrors around their nest areas to deter birds. A longer foil can be attached to trees or eaves to attract birds. It will reflect sunlight and attract them. It will attract birds more effectively if your home isn’t filled with water, such as birdbaths and pet water bowls.

    It is important to remember that bird control should be started as soon as the solar panels are installed.

    What Is The Best Bird Repellent?

    The Melnor Jet Spray is a great option if you’re looking for the best bird repellent. It can also be used as an animal repellent. Po eland Outdoor Laser, a high-quality product, will prevent birds from dropping waste on your patio or yard.

    This device is smart for dark conditions because its laser scares birds away. The RFLT-1 can move with the wind and shines brightly to deter birds. In addition, the RFLT-1 is equipped with reflector plates made of chrome that deter birds.

    It is highly recommended to use the American DJ DMX800W strobe lamp. It’s small and doesn’t take up much space.

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