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Do you see possum infestation and related damage at your property? Are you searching for professional possum removal in Perth to secure your property?

Welcome to Tom’s Pest Control – the trusted partner for comprehensive possum pest control for households and businesses in Perth.

We are a team of qualified and highly-experienced possum researchers and possum catchers in Perth to analyse the characteristics of the pest animal and ensure safe, stress-free removal of it.

Why Is It Necessary To Remove Possums?

Possums are a protected animal under the commonwealth and state laws, however, they can make extensive damage to your property that demands the safe removal of the pest.
  • Possums have excellent climbing capabilities, making the pest animal easily accessing your roof and damaging roof shingles, tiles, and gutters.
  • The pest leaves large amounts of waste. The droppings of possums contain various pathogens and are smelly. This can compromise the health environment of your property and transmit diseases like tuberculosis and coccidiosis.
  • Possums can mess up the interior of your property once accessed. They usually make holes in walls and floors, consuming the pet food, leaving food scraps throughout the property, and more.
  • The pest may chew the plumbing, insulation, air ducts, and more, damaging your property beyond your expectations.
  • Possums also create clutter, make loud scratching noises, and generate various types of debris. In conclusion, they become a nuisance to your peaceful life if infected.
It is important to note that possum is a pest species who would like to live in its habitat or territory. Once the pest began living in and around your property, the animal may continue there until dead. Even if they are dead, only approved dead possum removal services can move the carcase from the property.

How To Confirm Possum Infestation At Your Property?

As possums are nocturnal animals and stay away from the human eyesight, you may not always be able to confirm the infestation by visually seeing them.

You can confirm the presence of the pest with the following signs:

  • Various exterior damage to the property, including broken gutters, damaged siding, torn up shingles, ripped soffit, and more.
  • Spoiled food products on the floor and disappearing pet food. Possums have a special liking to cat food, and you can confirm the presence of the pest with frequent disappearance of the cat food.
  • Do you hear loud scratching noises often and see scratches of walls and floors? You can check for other signs of possum infestation.
  • Possums also make a wide range of vocalisations that include hissing and shrieking. The possum mothers often make clicking and lip-smacking sounds to signal their babies.
  • You may also experience some distinct and unpleasant odour if possums live in your environment.
As stated earlier, you can’t trap or catch possums as they need to be removed by technicians who are authorised and have the expertise to remove these pests. You can contact us anytime for licensed possum trapping services, including possum removal Perth.

Do you want emergency possum removal in Perth because a possum is making extensive damage to your property? Contact us immediately; our possum removal technicians are happy to provide same day possum removal in Perth.

The Possum Removal Process

We have a four-stage possum removal process to make your property free of the pest.

Pest Control Inspection

We begin the possum removal service with a detailed inspection for the pest and the associated damage at your property. Our possum inspectors will examine every inch of your property, identify the possum species, confirm the behavioral patterns of the pest, and evaluate the extent of the damage.

We will also identify and confirm the factors at your property that encouraged the pest to live in your environment.

Possum Removal Plan

Based on the inspection results, we will create a possum removal plan. It will include the mode of removal, the timeline of the removal, the location where the pest will be freed, and any special instructions to the inhabitants.

Before beginning the process, we will update you on the best possum removal treatment plan for a transparent service experience.

The Possum Removal Perth

Our technicians will use a special type of possum traps and nest boxes to catch the pest and remove it from your property. We will release the animal far from your property as per the Western Australia possum removal guidelines.

Additionally, we will secure all the main access points to your property by closely monitoring the path of the possum. Based on the infestation issues, we may also suggest some repair and architectural alterations to make your Perth property free of future possum infestation.

Ongoing Possum Control Prevention

In addition to possum removal in Perth, we will also provide specific tips and strategies based on our inspection and findings.

You can make your Perth property less secure for possums with the following steps and strategies:

  • Store the food products, especially pet foods, from possums.
  • Make your property clutter-free with the regular removal of debris and waste. This minimises the hiding places for the pest at your property.
  • Trim the shrubs and trees that are located close to the structure to prevent the pest access to your property and roof.
  • Make regular inspection in and around the property to identify any damage that can give the pest access to your property.

Why Tom’s Pest Control ?

At Tom’s Pest Control, we have highly experienced and certified possum technicians who can ensure the removal of the pest from your property with minimal fuss and strain to the animal.

Our customers find us as the best pest removal service in Perth with the following characteristics:

  • Same/next day possum removal services Perth
  • APCA- and TAFE-certified removal technicians
  • Expertise to remove possums from commercial and residential spaces in Perth
  • Transparent, friendly service experience with upfront quotes
  • Advanced, humane removal service
  • Total satisfaction guaranteed

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