Bed Bug Pest Control Treatment In Perth

Many homeowners across Perth have experienced sleepless nights due to bug infestation at one point or another. Bed bugs are not only annoying but also cause a health risk to you and your loved ones.

Are you searching for bed bug treatment in Perth? Welcome to Tom’s Bed Bug Pest Control for a safe and effective bed bug control service Perth that will leave your property pest-free. We use our wealth of knowledge and experience in bed bug pest control services to provide state-of-the-art pest extermination in Perth.

Our team of certified bed bug exterminators stay up-do-date with the latest development and use the most advanced equipment to completely kick out these uninvited and annoying guests from your space.

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    How To Know About Bed Bug Infestation

    If you experience or see any of the following symptoms, it is a sure sign that your property is infested with bed bugs:

    • Disturbance in sound sleep or sleepless night
    • Red marks of pest bite on your arms, shoulders, or back
    • Blood spots on your mattress
    • Swelling of your body parts
    • A musty bug smell in your bed
    • Constant feeling of itchiness on your body
    • Shed skin and faeces on your sheets, mattress, furniture, and clothes
    • Tiny, cream coloured eggs in your mattress, bed, or elsewhere

    Reasons For Getting Bed Bug Treatment Immediately

    Bed bugs are responsible for causing several health issues if you leave it without any treatment for its extermination. Without taking any necessary measures immediately, you are risking your family’s wellbeing and quality life. Book an appointment with our bug control specialist Perth to avoid the following issues:

    • Lack of sound sleep or sleepless nights
    • An allergic reaction including anaphylaxis because of bed bug bites
    • Secondary infections, like lymphangitis, impetigo, and ecthyma due to bites
    • Mental issues like a high level of anxiety and systemic reactions due to bed bug infestation
    • Bed bugs multiply and adversely affect your physical and mental wellbeing
    • Bed bugs quickly spread to other properties and can cause a health issue in your area

    Places Where Bed Bugs Can Be Found

    If you see or experience bed bugs in any of the following places, you can contact us to inspect your property and An allergic reaction including anaphylaxis because of bed bug bites exterminate them. They are usually often found in:
    • The folds, tufts, and seams of the mattress
    • Skirting boards
    • Cracks and crevices on bed frames and headboards
    • Between the floorboards of timber
    • Carpets and underlays
    • Cabinets and wardrobes
    • Cupboards and drawers
    • Inside sockets and other electric fittings

    Our Bed Bug Removal Treatment Process

    We use a safe bed bug pest extermination process for your Perth properties through a four-step systematic approach.


    Inspection is the first step of our bed bug removal treatment process. Our bed bug removal specialist will drive to your property to determine the extent of the infestation, soon after receiving your call. Our bed bug management service involves an examination of your furniture and other items.

    We will tell you if you must discard anything to stop further infestation. Our bed bug removal specialist will discuss the bed bug pest control treatment options available for you and the time required to complete the project.

    Designing Of Treatment Plan

    Based on the findings, our technician will design a bed bug removal treatment plan suitable for your property. The plan includes detail about the bed bug pest control treatment procedure, guidelines for you to follow during the process, timelines, possible outcome, and other valuable information. We conduct bed bug heat treatment to remove these parasites permanently from your area for the long-term.

    Treatment For Long-Term Eradication

    We prefer to use non-chemical procedures to ensure the health and safety of your loved ones. We give heat treatment to the infested materials to kill every single bed bug in your space. We also use chemicals to target those places that are hard-to-reach when necessary.

    Our pest control services will ensure safe, healthy and bug-free property after only one bed bug pest control treatment. We take care to conduct our task without disrupting your work schedule. Our staffs clean your premises after the completion of the pest control task. We will perform a final inspection after the bed bug eradication process to determine where there are any bed bugs lurking around.

    Ongoing Prevention

    There are many preventive steps you can follow to take to control the parasites around your area for long-term results. Our technician will recommend some useful tips to keep the bugs away. Some of them are:

    • Regular cleaning or vacuuming every surface of your property
    • Washing of clothes and linen at the highest temperature possible
    • Regular steam cleaning of carpets
    • Cleaning of clutters to reduce the potential hiding spots
    • Application of surface pesticide but avoid applying it onto your bedding

    Why Trust Tom’s Pest Control For Treatment Of Bed Bug In Perth?

    Tom’s Pest Control is a specialist bed bug pests control company Perth that uses the latest methodical approach and technology to remove bed bugs for the long-term. Some bed bug removal specialties that keep us ahead of our competitors are:

    • Qualified, trained, and experienced bed bug extermination specialist
    • Use of the latest equipment and procedures
    • Same-day or next-day, fast, and reliable services
    • Safe pest removal service
    • Transparent quotes
    • Friendly services with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction


    What are the signs of a bedbug infestation, and how can you treat it?

    If you have itchy skin that doesn’t hurt when you get to bed at night, you might have bedbugs. This is especially true if the itching started soon after you purchased a bed or other furniture. These are signs that you may have bedbugs.

    Bloodstains can be found on pillows and linens. You can find darkening or rusting bedbug eggs on bedding, walls, sheets, and mattresses. Look out for faecal spots and eggshells in areas where bedbugs can be found. Their smell glands emit the musty scent of bedbugs.

    Remove all bedding if you suspect that there is an infestation. Next, inspect the area for any other debris or bugs. Next, take off the dust cover. Next, check the wood framing to make sure there are no seams. Next, remove the cloth from the wood frame. Next, contact our bed bug control experts in your local area.

    What can I do about bed bugs in my home to stop them from getting into my house?

    To get rid of bedbugs, the first step is to clean up areas that have been infested. Here are some tips:

    • After washing clothes in hot water, dry your curtains, bedding, and clothing in the highest setting. You can dry stuffed animals and shoes that aren’t washable in the dryer for up to 30 minutes.
    • Clean the mattress seams before cleaning to get rid of bedbugs.
    • Vacuum your bed and the area around it regularly. The vacuum cleaner can be immediately placed in a plastic bag and thrown away.
    • Patch plaster cracks and glue flaking wallpaper to get rid of bedbug hiding spots.
    • Make sure to clean up any debris.

    You can always choose our advanced bedbug treatment if you are unsatisfied with these tips.

    What is the best heat treatment for bed bugs?

    Temperatures above 46° Celsius are too hot for bed bugs to thrive. All stages of the bedbug life cycle, including eggs and adults, can be destroyed by heat. There are heat treatments that do not contain chemicals for bed bugs. It has been shown that bed bugs can be resistant to chemical insecticides.

    Bed bug heat treatment can be done in 24 hours. This allows for fast occupancy. However, chemical treatments may need multiple visits spread over several days. These treatments can also include the application of a large number of pesticides.

    Bed bugs can be killed by heat because it penetrates every room. Therefore, there is no reason to dispose of furniture in 99 per cent of cases.

    What are the best methods to exterminate bed bugs?

    If home remedies don’t appeal to you, insecticides may be an option. Pyrethroids or pyrethrins are two common insecticides for bed bugs. These pesticides can be applied quickly and are not harmful to people or animals.

    Bed bugs can also be exterminated using desiccants. These chemicals destroy the insect’s outer protective layer. The insects would dry out and die if they were not protected. Two of the most popular desiccants are diatomaceous Earth and silica aerogel. Unfortunately, bed bugs cannot develop resistance to desiccants because of their high mortality rate.

    Tom’s Pest Control Perth can get rid of bedbugs. Our exterminators will inspect and treat your home for bedbugs.

    Is it possible that bedbugs can spread from one person to another?

    They are not as harmful to people as lice and do not transmit diseases to humans. They can, however, travel in clothing. As a result, bed bugs can be transmitted unintentionally from one person to the next.

    They could also be from another area or used furniture. They can travel with purses, backpacks, and bags. They can also move among rooms in multi-unit buildings such as apartments or motels.

    Regular inspections can stop bed bug infestations. This will enable you to eradicate bed bugs as soon as possible. The experts will assist you in quickly eliminating bed bugs.

    How can I quickly and permanently get rid of bedbugs?

    Bed bugs can cause severe discomfort. Unfortunately, these pests are now invading your home, which was intended to be your sanctuary. These small, flat insects aren’t harmless despite being tiny. If you don’t remove them, they will take over your house and continue to eat your blood at night.

    Bed bug infestations can cause severe irritation. Although they don’t transmit disease, itching and red bumps can be caused by bed bugs.

    It is crucial to prevent bed bugs from coming back. And also, to treat them promptly. Tom’s Perth pest control service is the best way to eliminate an infestation. However, by following these steps, you can still get rid of bed bugs in your home.

    What does a bedbug bite look like?

    Bed bug bites can look like a reddish, darkened, itchy, and reddish-coloured lump. Small red bumps, welts, or lines may look like zigzag or circular patterns. You may also see small red lumps with hives or blisters. In addition, flat patches or raised areas on the skin could indicate papular eruptions or inflammatory reactions.

    Some people can experience severe reactions from bed bug bites. These are serious symptoms and require medical attention.

    • Blisters
    • Fever
    • Nauseousness
    • Flu-like symptoms
    • A swollen tongue
    • An erratic heartbeat

    Bed bug bites can also cause sleep problems. It can be quite distressing to imagine being eaten. Some people may avoid sleeping, or have disturbed, sporadic sleep. They eat the most at night. Our family can avoid these bed bugs.

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