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Termite Treatment Cost Perth

Termites, infamous for their devastating impact on the Australian housing industry, pose a significant threat, costing approximately $4 billion annually. With an estimated 33% of Australian homes experiencing some level of infestation, it becomes crucial to address this menace promptly and effectively.

Although not as immediately frightening as rats or cockroaches, termites silently wreak havoc, causing extensive damage as they feed on wood, capable of even collapsing entire buildings. The urgency to eradicate an infestation cannot be overstated.

To shed light on termite treatment costs and preventive measures, let’s explore the average expenses associated with various treatment options in 2023.

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    Factors Impacting Termite Control and Its Cost

    Regarding termite treatment and control, several factors play a crucial role in determining the overall cost. Understanding these criteria is essential for effective treatment and prevention.


    Different termite treatments exhibit a significant variation in costs. Each method offers distinct advantages and disadvantages.

    Total Area

    Your property’s size directly influences the treatment cost. For comprehensive protection, the entire house must be covered for external treatment.

    Infestation Intensity

    Dealing with a smaller, isolated infestation is comparatively more straightforward and less expensive.


    Pest control services may vary significantly in price. It’s essential to consider the expertise and reputation of the service provider.

    Repellent vs. Non-Repellents

    Your property’s size directly influences the treatment cost. For comprehensive protection, the entire house must be covered for external treatment.
    The primary cost-determining factor for termite treatment is the type of treatment required. It can be divided into prevention and eradication. Eradicating an existing infestation is typically cheaper, but it does not guarantee that the termites won’t return. That is why prevention is necessary to avoid repeating the same mistake.

    Termites in 2023: Treating and Prevention

    Successfully treating a termite infestation involves understanding the principles of termite treatment. While various termites exist, one common characteristic is their affinity for wood. Even if there are no visible signs, an infestation can silently progress, causing damage to your property.

    The primary principle of termite treatment is similar to other pest control methods. Termites are exposed to chemical substances that they transport back to their colony. This eventually leads to the infection and demise of the entire termite population. Although termite treatment products are chemical solutions and not entirely eco-friendly, they are necessary against a significant threat.

    Termite prevention may seem costly, with termite barriers averaging starting from $2800. However, this prevention investment is relatively affordable compared to the potential structural damage caused by termites. Without intervention, repairs can range from $2800 to $10,000. One thing is sure: termites will continue to feed on your property, whether you know it or not.

    Understanding the factors influencing termite control costs and implementing preventive measures can save your property from substantial damage and unnecessary expenses.

    2023 Termite Treatment Costs: Protect Your Property with Professional Solutions

    When safeguarding your property from termites, it’s crucial to consider active termite treatment as part of your routine. While treating a specific area can cost around $249 to $500, investing in preventative structural elements like a termite barrier may incur higher expenses. However, it remains the optimal choice for those residing in termite-prone areas or prioritizing safety. After all, you wouldn’t want to risk the presence of Australia’s most destructive pest.

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    Exploring Termite Types: Understanding the Threats

    Regarding termites, it’s vital to familiarize yourself with the different classifications. While dry-wood termites and damp-wood termites pose risks to dry and moisture-laden wood, Subterranean termites claim the most dangerous and common title. These formidable pests can tunnel up to 100 feet underground to reach wood sources within your home. While they can consume sound and rotting timber, they prefer moisture-rich timber. Understanding the termite species you’re addressing is essential in implementing the most effective solution.

    Demystifying Termite Barriers: How Do They Operate?

    Termite barriers encompass three primary types:

    • Chemical Termite Barrier: This method involves digging a trench around your home and applying a chemical solution that infects any termites crossing the barrier.
    • Termite Reticulation System: Similar to the chemical termite barrier, this approach utilizes a pipe at the trench bottom to distribute a chemical solution through tiny holes.
    • Physical Termite Barrier: Frequently integrated into new construction projects, physical barriers force termites to cross a visible barrier, facilitating quick and efficient elimination. These non-toxic, cost-effective solutions provide long-lasting protection.

    Contrary to the term’s implication, the “chemical” termite barrier involves physically excavating a trench and applying a chemical solution.

    Protect Your Property Today!

    Please don’t wait until it’s too late. Prioritize termite protection for your property with professional solutions. Contact Tom’s Pest Control Perth at? (08) 6202 7096, secure a free quote for comprehensive termite eradication. Gain peace of mind knowing your property is shielded from the devastating impact of termites.

    Are there any effective ways to reduce the cost of termite treatment? Prevention is undoubtedly the best approach. Taking certain measures can significantly limit termite presence on your property, minimizing the need for professional intervention. Here, we outline the most effective methods:

    1. Limit the amount of timber on your property.
    2. Eliminate excess moisture wherever possible.
    3. Elevate timber structures above ground level.
    4. Stay vigilant for signs of termite infestation.
    5. Seal all openings to minimize accessibility.
    6. Regularly schedule termite inspections with a reliable pest control service.

    Preventing Direct Contact With The Soil Is a Highly Effective Strategy To Ward Off Termite Infestations.

    What Causes The Price Difference Between Repellent And Non-repellent Termite Treatment?

    Repellent solutions deter termites, while termites ingest non-repellents, causing them to perish. The increased cost of manufacturing non-repellent treatments is the primary reason for the price difference. However, they are also significantly more effective. Studies show that non-repellent treatments require only 5% retreatment, compared to 22% with repellents. Modern non-repellents can even reduce this percentage to a mere 1%. Consequently, it’s crucial to ask your pest control provider if they employ modern, non-repellent solutions for treatment. This inquiry is of utmost importance.

    Is Internal Or External Termite Treatment More Expensive?

    Generally, internal treatment is less costly as it involves treating a specific, identifiable area. Conversely, external treatment often includes termite baiting systems or the installation of termite barriers, resulting in higher costs that may reach thousands of dollars. Additionally, treating an entire area is advisable when facing a severe infestation, especially considering the common access points through which subterranean termites (the most prevalent type) enter.

    Can I Save Money By Dealing With Termites Myself?

    If you’re genuinely serious and not making a jest, the answer is no, you cannot. Termites aren’t your average bugs. While you might succeed with rodents or cockroaches, termites present a different challenge. These minuscule creatures can burrow underground from distances of up to 100 feet, with colonies numbering in the millions.

    Moreover, they are often undetectable until a structure collapses, making their resilience challenging to eradicate. Dealing with termites alone is not worth the risk, as you’ll likely incur substantial costs. Additionally, conventional methods may prove ineffective against termite species other than subterranean termites.

    Contact Tom’s Pest Control Perth today for a no-obligation quote on termite treatment. Easily schedule termite inspections through our convenient online form or get in touch with us directly. Remember, preventing termite infestations costs less than treating them. Take action now to safeguard your property.

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