Spider Control Services

Controlling spiders at your home or business in Perth is important because some species, like the redback spider, can be harmful to humans. It helps create a more comfortable environment for residents, customers, or employees who may be afraid of spiders. Additionally, effective spider control promotes cleanliness and hygiene by reducing webs, droppings, and spider presence.

Spider control services are an efficient way to eliminate spiders around the home and workplace. These creatures can build webs in hard-to-reach places, making them difficult to remove without professional help. Professional spider control services use various methods to safely remove spider webs and spiders from your home or business.

Tom’s Pest Control is an expert when it comes to spider removal. We adopt safe and effective methods to remove spiders from your premises, which can help to prevent spider bites and improve overall hygiene and comfort.

Types Of Spiders


Funnel Web Spider

Funnel web spiders are venomous and known for their aggressive behaviour and highly toxic venom. They build funnel-shaped webs that they use as burrows or to trap their prey. Male spiders are more dangerous to humans as they venture out of their burrows searching for a mate during summer. There are several species of funnel web spiders, but the funnel web spider is considered one of the most venomous spiders in the world.


Redback Spider

Redback spiders get their name from the distinctive red stripe on their abdomen. They habitually build webs in sheltered places, such as among rocks, logs, or sheds and outhouses. These spiders are closely related to black widow spiders and have similar venom, which can cause severe pain, muscle weakness, and other symptoms in humans. Redback spiders are common in urban areas and considered a nuisance species due to their venomous bite and tendency to build webs in proximity to human habitation.


White-Tail Spider

White-tail spiders have distinctive white tips on the end of their tails. They are hunters and do not build webs; instead, they roam at night searching for prey, mainly other spiders. Their venom is toxic to insects but not considered lethal to humans, though a bite can cause local pain, swelling and nausea.


Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are found worldwide. They are named for their hunting behaviour and do not spin webs. Instead, they chase and catch their prey. Wolf spiders are large and robust, often with distinctive markings on their bodies. They are typically brown or grey and can range from less than a centimetre to several centimetres. Wolf spiders are not considered dangerous to humans, and their bite is not venomous, but it may cause local pain and swelling.


Mouse Spiders

Mouse spiders are known for their large size and dark, glossy appearance. They resemble tarantulas and are often mistaken for funnel web spiders. Their venom is toxic to insects and other small animals but not considered lethal to humans, although a bite may cause local pain, swelling, and other symptoms.


Black House Spider

Black house spiders are found in Australia, scientifically known as Badumna Insignis. They are known for their distinctive lacy webs and small bodies that can grow up to 2cm in length. These spiders are not aggressive, and bites are rare, usually only occurring when a spider is disturbed or threatened.


Trapdoor Spider

Trapdoor spiders are a group of spiders that build burrows with a hinged trapdoor for protection and ambush prey. They prefer to live in dark habitats and eat insects like crickets, moths, beetles, etc. The bites of trapdoor spiders are not typically dangerous to humans. However, they may cause mild symptoms such as redness, swelling, and pain at the bite site.


Huntsman Spider

Huntsman spiders are a group of large, long-legged spiders commonly found in warm regions worldwide. They are known for their speed and hunting ability and often live in and around human structures such as houses and cars. Huntsman spiders do not build webs but instead hunt their prey on the ground or surfaces. As a result, they are not considered dangerous to humans, but their large size and quick movements can be intimidating.


Garden Orb Weaving Spider

Garden orb weaving spiders are a group of spiders that build circular webs to catch insects. They are likely to be found in gardens and other outdoor areas and are known for their large, distinctive webs. Garden orb weavers are not dangerous to humans, but their bites can cause mild pain and swelling.

Count On Us for Effective Spider Removal

At Tom’s Pest Control, we adopt the latest techniques and treatments to completely eradicate spiders from your property. We begin the extermination process by conducting a thorough inspection of your property to check the level of infestation. Then, depending on our findings, we create a treatment plan for your property to deliver the best results.

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