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Foxes are the biggest threats to man, native species, domesticated animals, and agriculture land of Australia. They are responsible for causing economic damage to farms and the loss of livestock by killing them.

Are you observing many foxes moving around your Perth property lately that is making you concerned about the safety of your pets and livestock? Contact Tom’s Pest control for comprehensive fox control services in Perth and nearby suburbs.

We have a team of qualified fox control specialist Perth who uses advanced techniques and modern tools to make your home and business environment fox-free permanently. Our fox removal services  Perth ensure that your properties, crops, pets, family, and office employees are fully protected from these pests.

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    Damage Caused By Fox Infestation

    European red foxes are the most common fox species found across Australia. They can adapt themselves to urban environments, inner-city, and deserts areas easily and comfortably. These pest animals rest during the day and become active at night.

    These species of foxes, if not removed timely from your home and office surrounding, may create the following issues:

    • This type of aggressive pest species creates ecological imbalances, causing a major threat to the survival of many marsupial species in Australia.
    • They attack domesticated animals like poultry and sheep impacting the agricultural and poultry industries.
    • The animal poses serious threats to ground-nesting birds, turtles, and more.
    • They cause damage to irrigation systems and horticultural crops.
    • Though foxes do not attack humans, the studies show that they are responsible for spreading Australian Bat Lyssavirus (ABLV) to both animals and humans.

    How To Confirm Fox Infestation Around Your Property

    Most of the foxes are active at night, and you may not see them directly during the daytime. The following signs will help in confirming the increasing number of fox population surrounding your area:
    • Traces of paw prints in your garden and backyard. You can inspect your surrounding for the paw prints for a few days to confirm the presence of this uninvited guest.
    • Fox digs a hole in the ground. The presence of unexplained holes in your garden or backyard can confirm fox invasion.
    • If you notice missing plants, vegetables, and fruits in your backyard, it could be due to the pest animal.
    • If any of your pets or livestock is missing, it may confirm fox invasion because the foxes attack small pets and livestock even when they have plenty of other food sources to feed.
    • If you see dispersed garbage from the cans,this may suggest their presence as they search for their food in the garbage.

    If you see any of the above signs of fox invasion at your property, contact us immediately for a tailored fox removal service in Perth.

    Systematic Approach To Fox Removal In Perth

    At Perth pest control, we are renowned for offering long-term solutions to fox pest issues for all types of residential and commercial spaces in Perth. Our four-stage process is highly effective to addresses your current issues and also eliminates future infestation risks from your environment.


    As soon as you contact us for the professional help, our fox control specialists Perth will come to your property for the thorough inspection of the pest. The inspection will help in identifying the habitats of the foxes around your property, the fox species, the fox population, the extent of damage, and much more.

    We will also find out the reasons and the factors responsible for attracting foxes around your Perth property. We will assess the safety measures of your area that could help to protect your crops and animals from the aggressive red foxes.

    Fox Control Treatment Plan

    Our team of fox exterminator will create a tailored fox control treatment plan to make your Perth premises free from the risks of fox infestation. The fox removal treatment plan will include detail of the treatment procedure; the expected time required to complete the fox trapping treatment, the outcome of the treatment, and more.

    We will discuss the fox control treatment plan before starting the procedures and solve your queries regarding it.

    The Extermination

    We use several methods to limit the foxes in your space. Our safer treatment procedures include trapping, poisoning, shooting, repellents and scare devices, and more. We also implement the mix of these procedures based on the extent of the infestation and individual circumstances. It helps you in achieving the best result possible.

    If you are feeling risk in taking your sheep and goats out for grazing, you can use guard animals like Maremma dogs to protect your pets from a fox attack.

    Ongoing Prevention

    Our ongoing, long-term prevention techniques will limit the number of foxes living in your area. We will provide tried-and-true tips that will protect your livestock and poultry from the fox attack.

    The following general tips help in minimising the fox population onto your land:

    • Do not keep any food or edible items accessible to the foxes, including food garbage, pet food, water sources, and more.
    • Maintain your yard and garden regularly and remove clutter from your property
    • Use tightly secured garbage cans to throw your garbage and empty them regularly.
    • If you have an orchard in your premises, take care to clean up regularly to avoid the piling of fallen fruits.

    Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

    Tom’s Pest Control has a wealth of experience in providing seamless pest control services to both commercial and residential properties in your Perth area. Our experience helps us to understand what our customers expect from us, and we ensure to exceed their expectations by meeting the following service standards.
    • Quick same day or the next day treatment service
    • Local pest exterminator team
    • Safe, family, and pet-friendly treatment procedure
    • TAFE and APCA-certified fox trapping technicians
    • Upfront quotes, competitive prices
    • Friendly and transparent customer service
    • Tailored treatment plan with an outstanding result
    • 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee
    You can let us know the pest issues at your property and get an upfront quote for our services to ensure a transparent service experience.


    What is fox pest control?

    Although foxes aren’t dangerous for you, your family, or your pets, they can transmit diseases you don’t wish to. Farmers, particularly poultry farms, can also find foxes a problem. Foxes can cause injuries to small animals or pets and even death.

    Suppose all of the above fail to solve your fox problems. In that case, you may want to hire professional fox control specialists to assist you.

    Lethal baiting, trapping foxes, trapping, shooting trapping and fumigating dens are the most common methods of fox management. However, although previously mentioned, Australia has yet to evaluate these methods fully.

    Why is Fox Control so Important?

    According to the Biosecurity & Agricultural Management Act 2007 Western Australia (the Act), foxes can be considered a pest. Therefore, they must be controlled in every part of the state to reduce their negative effects.

    You can find red foxes almost anywhere in Victoria. It is, therefore, better to use multiple control methods to manage red foxes. In addition, it is important to consider the entire community, not just individual houses.

    Fox capturing companies can offer a variety of services and help you with how to eliminate your dog. Our specialists are experts in trapping foxes. The animal must be treated humanely according to state or territory legislation.

    How can I tell if I have Fox problems?

    It is important to establish that foxes caused the loss to determine the extent of their predation. In addition, it is important to exclude other predators, such as feral cats or wild dogs/dingoes.

    Foxes hunt at night, so you won’t see them killing. Look for other signs of involvement instead. Paw prints are a good way to tell if a Fox is present. Because the pads of a Fox are easily distinguished from those of other predators and dogs, these can be distinguished.

    It is crucial to examine the carcasses of deceased animals to determine the cause of death.

    What is included in the Fox Trapping Service?

    Foxes can also be caught in urban and semi-rural areas, where poison baiting is inappropriate. Trapping is an effective method to manage obtrusive wildlife. However, it is not practical for the general management of foxes.

    Cage traps are preferable to leg-hold traps in urban and residential settings. Non-target animals can be released with minimal injury, while captured foxes can be taken elsewhere for extermination.

    Tom’s Pest Control Perth offers fox control services for residential and commercial properties throughout Perth. This four-step process will decrease the chance of foxes invading your property.

    What is the reason foxes are coming to my property, and why?

    They are fond of food like pet food, bird seeds and yard rubbish. Foxes will build dens under decks, patios, sheds, and decks.

    Foxes can be suspicious of humans, so they avoid direct contact. Many parasites and germs can be passed to humans by foxes. Some can be passed on to pets, while others can be transmitted through excrement. Echinoccocus multilocularis, a new disease, affects canid tap worms.

    Fox removal specialists will inspect your property for potential hiding places. We’ll determine the type of prey that foxes may be seeking in your area.

    How do I get rid of foxes without killing them?

    Mix the mixture by boiling the garlic, chilli pepper and water. Then, spray the mixture wherever you don’t want foxes to enter your garden. This natural repellent will effectively eliminate foxes from your yard.

    You can also install an automatic water pistol. These tools can be used to deter foxes from your garden. These systems need strong water pressure to be connected to your hosepipe. The battery can power the motion sensor for as long as it needs.

    Imagine that you have difficulty managing dense fox populations in the area. Our fox eradication efforts may be of great assistance in such cases.

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