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Are you looking for pest control in Applecross? Tom’s Pest Control has been working with local inhabitants for many years. Our Applecross team has a great understanding of climate, weather conditions. and local pest issues across Applecross.

There are many insects and animals that we associate with being pests because they possess destructive behaviour, or they act as a carrier of pathogens that spread deadly diseases.

We use integrated pest control in Applecross wherever possible. It means our service is more than just about removing the pest from your environment. We take measures like pest inspections, treatment, barriers, and protection to ensure your business or home remains pest-free.

After so many years in the business, we have seen it all. Whatever your pest issues are, we have a wealth of knowledge and a variety of solutions that can be created to your specific pest issue. We also offer service in the on-going pest management process.


Complete Pest Control Solution

We provide a solution for numerous pest problems through our precise services. Some of our services are listed below:
You can browse our service pages or contact us, directly to find out more about our pest removal strategy and family-friendly services.

Professional Ant Pest control Applecross

Ants multiply quickly and form colonies. A single colony of ant consist of numerous ants. If an ant enters your residential and commercial building and form colonies in the crack of the wall, basement, garden, pavement, or any other corners of your place, they create a nuisance.

If you are thinking that you can get rid of the ant population by using a DIY treatment, then you are risking the wellbeing of your family and the protection of your belongings. It may help you to temporarily to some extent, but to get rid of severe infestation, you need professional ant pest control services in Applecross.

We are your local pest removal agency in Applecross who can provide instant help by our same-day pest removal service policy. With a focus on the complete elimination of ant from your area, we also take responsibility for safeguarding your place against the risk of future infestation.

Moth Control Services

If a moth invades your Applecross property, it’s the matter of concern. It will breed at the dark and damp places, and the increased population can cause harm to your stored food, leather items, clothes, and fur.

Our effective moth control services in Applecross at a competitive price will eliminate the moth infestation entirely from your environment. We use advanced techniques and procedures to provide quick removal of moth from your home or workplace.

Rodent Pest Control

Rats cause damage to your personal belongings, business goods, and agriculture products. They pose a threat to the health and wellbeing of your family and employee as they act as a carrier of many harmful diseases. It is a challenging task to manage and control a rodent infestation without an expert’s help.

We are leading rat control specialist in your area, has complete know-how to manage rat or mice invasion quickly and effectively. Our rodent control technicians Applecross can handle such issues with complete care and perfection. We guarantee complete removal of rat from your area with no chance of coming back after some time, post-treatment.

Spider Control Treatment

Although most of the spider species are harmless, still some of them can be poisonous and harmful to your environment. They are aggressive in nature and make your surrounding look dirty and unhygienic. It may create an unwelcoming experience for your business clients and guests.

When you notice spider webs in your home or office building, call us for instant professional spider control service in Applecross. We will send our technician to your site for a thorough inspection and will offer a custom treatment plan based on findings. All our products and techniques comply with the Australian standard and safe.

Our Pest Management Services

Our pest management services ensure the highest level of protection to the food, warehouses, non-food industries, hotels, and residential premises. We have been protecting numerous commercial and residential services of people across Applecross from all types of pest invasion. Our local team is available to offer you the best services and advice which will solve all your pest related issues.

Asking for our service ensures that you are in safe and experienced hands. For pest removal needs and prevention, we are your ideal choice. Please explore our service pages or contact our expert for an upfront quote today.

Pest Control For Home

Our licensed technicians possess complete knowledge about all types of residential pests, like, cockroaches, ants, mice, rats, flea, spiders, and many other pests that cause trouble to your home property in Applecross.

We understand the kind of service you expect from us, and we focus on providing one of the best services possible, exceeding your expectations. Our complete know-how and expertise allow us to provide you with the long-lasting solution with minimum chances of relapse.

Commercial Pest Control In Applecross

We work closely with food and all types of commercial industries to provide effective commercial pest treatment Applecross wide. With the guarantee of Australian compliant, the pest-free environment, our technicians strive to remain updated with recent developments in the industry to give you the best service that is fast, effective, and affordable.

We have gained a wealth of experience by helping several businesses in Applecross and nearby suburbs. We know how to manage and handle pest issues in restaurants, pubs, cafes, bars, and other commercial institutions in Australia.

Having zero tolerance for pests, we put the reputation of your brand name first. We are your number one brand defender when it comes to pest treatment in your place.

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