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Want to remove pests permanently from your Bicton property? If yes, get in touch with Tom’s Pest Control Bicton.

We specialise in providing various pest treatment solutions in Bicton for your residential and commercial properties. No matter what type of pests have invaded your property, if you want to remove them in a safe and efficient manner, you can count on us.

Using the right technology and products, we aim at providing results that last long. Any pest control treatment that we undertake guarantees complete eradication.

We carry on treatments for controlling all and any type of pest. Be it termites, cockroaches, rodents, ants, possums, spiders, flies or moths. Our safe and effective treatments eliminate pests from your Bicton property and ensure you and your family lives in a clean and healthy environment.

Some of our frequently used services by property owners in Bicton are:


Ant Pest Control

Ants build colonies in your Bicton property and may never leave your home or office, until you decide to remove them. Even a single colony may consist of thousands of ants. While some ants may be harmless, there are some that have a harmful sting. Irrespective of the type of ants building colonies in your property, it is important to remove them permanently.

We provide effective ant removal treatments in Bicton that can easily remove ants and their colonies from your property. Whether there are 500 ants or 5000, we can eradicate all of them with the right treatment and also ensure they don’t come back again soon.

Cockroach Control Treatment Plan

Cockroaches contaminate food, spread diseases and create an unhealthy environment to live in. They carry pathogens that are harmful to humans. Having cockroaches all over the house or office is the most disgusting thing. Even if a few cockroaches enter your property, it is advisable to take action immediately as they may multiply quickly.

Our cockroach control technicians have years of experience in eradicating cockroaches from every nook and corner of houses and offices. Along with removing cockroaches, we also get rid of their eggs, so there are fewer chances of a relapse. The treatment we carry out provides lasting results, so you don’t have to worry about the roaches attacking your property soon again.

Rodent Pest Control

Once rodents enter your property, they may cause plenty of damage. They may eat your documents, contaminate your food, break your valuables, and even tear your clothes. This is why it becomes extremely important to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Removing rodents from your Bicton property without professional help may be difficult. When you appoint our Bicton rodent control professionals to take care of the rodents residing in your property, we carry on special treatments to give you effective and lasting results.

Termite Control Bicton

Termites can eat up your Bicton property completely and drill a big hole in your pocket. Treating termites at an initial stage becomes extremely important to avoid huge losses.

We provide termite control treatments Bicton that eradicate termite from your home and provide protection from future attacks. You can also opt for our anti-termite treatment while building your home or office, so the chances of termites entering your structure are reduced.

Commercial Pest Control Services In Bicton

A pest-infested commercial space isn’t preferred by anyone – be it the employees or customers. A clean and healthy environment motivates employees to work, and customers to visit your business again and again.

We know how important it is for you to keep your workspace free of pests, and this is why we offer special pest control treatments for commercial spaces. Be it a restaurant, café, supermarket, store, or a warehouse, we have the resources and techniques to disinfect larger areas with great efficiency.

When you place the responsibility of disinfecting your commercial space in the hands of our experts, all you can expect is outstanding results. With modern techniques and safe products, we aim at eradicating different types of pests completely from your workspace.

So you get complete peace of mind. No matter which type of pest is attacking your property, we can trust us on removing it completely from your property.

We follow a systematic approach to provide treatments to our clients.

We follow a simple four-step strategy when offering our services.


  • Inspection:At first, you can expect our technician to visit your property and conduct a thorough inspection. Every corner of your property will be checked for infestation issues.


  • Designing Tailored Treatment Plan: Depending on inspection findings, our technicians will create a customised treatment plan. The plan will include details on types of infestation at your property, the level of infestation, treatment required and the expected outcome. This plan will be shared with you for your approval.


  • Extermination: Once approved, the plan will be put into execution. Our technicians will schedule a day as per your convenience to carry out the pest control treatment.


  • Prevention Tips: On completion of the treatment, we will sharesome prevention tips with you, so you can follow them and keep your property pest-free for long. Our tips would be basic and simple to follow, yet will prove very beneficial for your property in the long run.

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