Expert Pest Control in Ellenbrook WA

To stop termites or any other type of pest from causing you any more problems, you have to contact a company that offers practical and effective solutions. Here at Tom’s Pest Control, we help both our residential and commercial customers remove all kinds of pests in and around their property.

We are the number one provider of insect, rodent, and termite pest control in Ellenbrook because we take the time to understand every client’s individual needs and implement solutions that will get the job done in no time. We have a full understanding of every type of pest that lurks around the greater Perth area, and that’s a lot of pests! No matter if they chose to infest your property because of weather conditions or if they consider your property to be a good source of food, we will stop them in their tracks.

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One-Point Contact Experience

If the infestation at your property is beyond awful and you are unsure how to solve this problem, there is no need for you to worry. At Tom’s Pest Control, we are local pest control experts that have extensive knowledge of the local weather and climate conditions. We know what factors are likely to attract certain species of pests. This is why we know how to carry out all kinds of pest control treatments, including but not limited to:

Termite Control

Finding termites around your home or business property can understandably cause you to panic. Unfortunately, by the time you realise your property is infested, the pests might have already caused a great deal of irreversible damage.

Tom’s Pest Control is the number one provider of termite pest control in Ellenbrook; you can trust us. We can protect your home or workplace from future termite infestations and stop them from causing any more structural damage by using effective bait products, chemical soil treatments, and other useful measures.

Our exterminator will start their work by conducting an inspection of your property and also come back to conduct follow-up inspections to make sure that the termite control measures they implement have continued to be successful. We know their habits and how they operate. Therefore, we will be able to quickly locate their colony and what caused for infestation to begin with. This will allow us to kill them all and safeguard your property against future infestations.

Cockroach Control

Seeing cockroaches wandering around your property indicates that it has been compromised. Unfortunately, cockroaches breed very quickly and are carriers of various pathogens that spread diseases such as dysentery, eczema, salmonella, and more. Seeking out the services of a professional pest exterminator is the only way to stop cockroach infestation from recurring permanently. If you see cockroaches around your property, you should contact Tom’s Pest Control to get our pest control experts to get rid of these pests and make your premises clean and hygienic again.

Rat Extermination

There are many reasons why rats are extremely bothersome creatures. Not only do they cause structural damage and leave droppings all over the place, but they can also impact the health of both humans and pets. Fortunately, if you are looking for a company that provides rat control services for homes and businesses, all you have to do is contact Tom’s Pest Control. Our licensed exterminators are up to the task of promptly exterminating these troublesome rodents.

Bird Control

If you frequently see a huge number of bird droppings or nests forming on surfaces around your property, you should take this concern seriously. Both droppings and nesting materials encompass many different parasites and transmittable diseases that can affect humans, including encephalitis and salmonella. Birds can also damage and contaminate any food products on your business premises, which will severely impact your business. This in turn, can ruin the good reputation your business has worked for years to build. Suppose you want to prevent these potential problems from arising or getting worse. In that case, you should get Tom’s Pest Control to install protective systems that will stop your current infestation and prevent any future bird infestations from happening.

Commercial Pest Control In Ellenbrook WA

Pests can cause a great deal of havoc to any establishment. This is why you must keep your commercial premises clean as much as possible. Not only will this make the premises physically more appealing to look at, it will also keep the place completely hygienic and safe for both your employees and customers to do business in. Tom’s Pest Control has provided unrivalled commercial pest control services for local businesses for many years now, and we can do the same for your business too. By hiring us, both your premises and goods will remain completely protected, and therefore your business won’t have to deal with any infestation-related losses that are avoidable.

Our Time-Proven Strategy

If any type of pest infestation has started on your property, you should call us straight away. We will implement a four-step plan that will stop this problem from getting worse and take your situation’s circumstances into account. 

  • Step 1 – Inspection: The first step is to get someone to inspect your building and its surroundings thoroughly. Our pest control expert will look at all the accessible timbers inside interior and exterior areas, sub-floors, roof voids, fences, garden landscapes, and other timber structures and trees on your property. After doing so, you will receive a written report that explains every aspect of your infestation in detail.
  • Step 2 – Tailored Plan: The written report you receive will also recommend termite extermination and protection plan that you would benefit from in the long term. Whatever plan we suggest will be thoroughly planned in order to ensure success is achieved. 
  • Step 3 – Treatment: Our exterminator will start their task of eliminating pests by using state-of-the-art pest control technology and following environmentfriendly treatments. You will need to vacate the premises for a minimum of two hours while we perform this work. Even if it does take longer than planned, it will be worth it as your property will be totally pest-free.
  • Step 4 – Ongoing Prevention: Planning regular appointments for our specialists to inspect your property in the future is a great way to keep your premises healthy hygienic and stop any more unexpected pests from infesting your residential or commercial property again.

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